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Cleaning and Repair Services

Featuring one of the largest tent cleaning and maintenance facilities in Metro Vancouver, we are pleased to offer tent washing and repair services to a wide range of clients – including our industry partners. Here at Summit Canopies, we regularly machine wash and repair our clients tent inventory to ensure the tents are crisp, white and in top condition all year long. All material is hung in dedicated drying areas until the webbing, straps, etc. are completely dry (fan assisted). Material is then inspected and repaired for micro-tears, keder rips, etc. 


  • Amazing results - Make an old tent look new again!

  • Extend the life of your tent - washing a tent is like brushing your teeth, doing it regularly is key to ensuring that they stay their whitest!

  • Regular Maintenance/Repairs = Safety – Don’t wait for small rips and tears in tops or straps to turn into bigger problems in bad weather! Have them repaired regularly.

  • Cleaning of all components – straps, lace lines, webbing, keder strips, etc. are thoroughly washed at the same time

tent cleaning


tent washing machine


Items We Wash And Repair:

  • Tent tops (all types – clear span panels, pole tent, frame tent, etc.)

  • Tent walls (all types – keder, non-keder, plastic or metal clips, velcro, etc.)

  • Awnings

  • Vinyl concrete and barrel covers

  • Inflatables (Bouncing Castles, etc.)

  • Full-service Commercial Laundry



  • $0.49 per square foot cleaning 

  • Includes free inspection/damage report and quick maintenance of pin holes and/or tears

  • Repairs exceeding 15 min are charged at $37.50 per 15 min of repair (most repairs are completed within 15 min with some requiring 30 min).


tent cleaning


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